If you’re feeling stuck in a job or career that no longer excites you,

or if you’re ready to pursue your passions and be more spontaneous, you’re not alone.

As a mindset coach and mentor, I help people clarify their dreams and intentions

Then together we develop strategies to successfully move towards your ideal life.

I call it “This is My Time“.

Are you ready to take the next step and make a change?

If so, you can find out more about my programs and rates by emailing me or booking a free 30-minute introduction session.

Don’t wait any longer to live the life you truly want.

Is This Your Time?



After being stuck for many years with the same mindset and in a comfort zone, which was not in the least comfortable. I am now changing the old scripts that have held me back and I am now moving forward with a clear goal and measurable results and I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and expertise, and I can’t recommend Gary enough, he was truly meant to follow this path, and he will help you find yours as well, thank you again Gary I most certainly wouldn’t be where I am right now without your support
Ross Williams

Coaching with Gary helped me make a fundamental shift in my life and my career. Through carefully considered sessions and simple strategies, Gary encouraged me to look forward, break through fear and unhealthy patterns of behaviour, and achieve positive results. He gives you clarity on what you want from life, keeps you accountable and pushes you beyond your comfort zone. As a coach, Gary is incredibly humble, approachable, honest and inspiring. I thoroughly recommend anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives to talk to Gary.
Sarah B.
My sessions with Gary came by chance, I wasn’t necessary looking from a “life coach” and was more of a guinea pig in the early days. However, from the very beginning Gary’s approach was professional, caring, reassuring, non-judgemental and incredibly inspiring. I gained so much out of each session, reflecting on my why’s and wants’ and setting goals to achieve what I wanted. Gary helped me understand myself better, and look at myself differently. Learning to talk to myself in a positive way, has been a game changer when I am feeling down or defeated. I achieved so much in the months we worked together and am continuing to do some of the goal setting and techniques to help me continuously move forward I would highly recommend working with Gary, for anyone feeling “stuck in a rut” or uncertain about your future or which path to take, life can get overwhelming but talking to Gary really helps you put things into perspective, breaks things into bite size chunks, set goals and moves you forward into a brand new you where, literally anything is possible!
Hollie Barham


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