One evening after a deep relaxation Yoga class I had an aha moment, where I just knew that I needed to become a yoga teacher. The voice was loud and very clear and I knew that I needed to take action.

That’s not the start of my journey but it was a pivotal moment where I learnt to trust my intuition and in understanding that, shortly after I had another intuitive moment were I knew that I needed to train as a Mindset Coach / Mentor

Fast forward 12 months and I had enrolled in my first 460 hour Yoga teacher training course run by the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) in Sydney and was also enrolled at Life Coaching College Australia. 

As I was sitting on a mat on that first day at the Yoga Teacher Training course, I thought what an amazing journey it had been from those intuitive moments to where I was right now. That year went quickly and the next thing I knew I was teaching Hath yoga at the local yoga centre and I was coaching clients in how to create a positive mindset which would enable them to reach their dreams. 

However, I knew that I needed to learn more and I could sense that there was a real need for yoga that was slower and more calming to the body and mind 

Later that year on a trip to Ubud Bali, I attended many different yoga classes and several of those classes really struck a cord where intuitively I new that I was meant to study Yin and Restorative yoga

When I returned to Australia I enrolled and completed a 75 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training course followed by a further 25 hour Restorative Yoga teacher training course through IYTA and very soon after I was teaching 2 Yin Yoga classes per week in Sydney’s Northern beaches

As well as teaching Yin Yoga, I also teach Hatha, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Meditation and often cover other teachers when asked.

This year I will be running half day events and perhaps a longer retreat in Sydney and in 2022 I hope to be running a retreat in Ubud Bali which I’m super excited about

Stay tuned for more online yoga classes. 

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