Gary Drummond is Yoga Teacher, Mindset Coach & Mentor. His passion is helping students & clients find balance and new beginnings

Coming from the corporate world Gary discovered yoga when looking for something to overcome stress and anxiety and from the very first class he attended he was instantly hooked

Then one evening during a Yoga class Gary had an aha moment where he knew, intuitively that he was to become a yoga teacher so that he could get more people like himself into yoga

At first he tried to push the knowing voice away but it remained loud and persistent.

12 months later Gary was sitting on a yoga mat on his first 460hr Yoga teacher training course in Sydney and as he reflected back to the aha moment, he understood that this was only just the start of his mission and that part of the journey was to assist people in their transformation, not only though yoga but also as a Mindset Coach

After completing trainings as a Yoga Teacher and a Mindset Coach Gary dove into teaching yoga and meditation and coaching clients. 

He was so inspired by the transformation process that he had witnesses he realised that further education was required.

From there he continued his studies, completing a 100hr of Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at IYTA, Sydney run by Katie Brown & Sarah Manning

Then in 2021 he dove even deeper into the Yin Yoga world completing a live online 100hr Yin Yoga course run by Persia Juliet located in Ubud Bali.

Currently residing in Sydney’s Northern beaches with his wife Lorraine, their children Teagan, Imogen and their cats, Java and Chai, Gary teaches Yin and Hatha Yoga, as well as Meditation

In the near future he will be running events and retreats both in Australia and abroad 

Gary believes that there is no time like the present to start your transformation. All it takes is a first step and a commitment to your greater self.

Are you ready to start living your best life? 


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