One evening after a Yoga Nidra class I had an intuitive moment, where I just knew that I needed to become a yoga teacher. That’s not the start of my journey but it was a pivotal moment where I learnt to trust my intuition and in understanding that, shortly after I had another intuitive moment were I knew that I needed to train as a Mindset coach / Mentor

Fast forward 15 months and I had enrolled in my first 460 hour Yoga teacher training course form IYTA in Sydney and I was sitting on a mat thinking what a amazing journey it had been from that intuitive moment to where I was right now. That year went quickly and the next thing I knew I  was teaching Hath yoga at the local yoga centre and I was coaching clients in achieving their dreams

Wow I thought, a 50+ year old bloke teaching yoga, and coaching clients, how life can change if you open up to possibilities

However, I knew that I needed to learn more and I could sense that we all need yoga that was slower and more calming to the body and mind 

Later that year on a a trip to Ubud Bali I attended many yoga class and one of those classes struck a cord and I new instantly that I was to study Yin and Restorative yoga 

Over the year I completed a 75 hour Yin Yoga teacher training course and a 25 hour Restorative Yoga course through IYTA, which then lead me to teaching 2 Yin Yoga class a week 

As well as teaching Yin Yoga I also teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Meditation and often cover other teachers when asked.

In the future I will be running half day events and retreats in Sydney, as well as a retreat in Bali in 2022, which I’m super excited about

Over the next I will also be teaching online, so stay tuned 


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