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Yin Yoga Classes With Gary!

Great News!

The Yin Yoga Sessions have been Extended

With 4 additional classes starting on Sunday November 5th and continuing on until Sunday December 3rd 

From 4:00pm and 5:00pm,

At the Manly Kangaroo Street Community Centre 

And yes, we will resume classes again on January 14th 2024! 

The classes aim are to rejuvenate and enhance your Chi energy, providing support as we move through the festive season, which can be quite draining

Everyone is invited to participate, and additional details can be accessed by choosing 

The options below.


Are You Ready?

Whether you’re looking to get back into yoga or try it for the first time,

My one-on-one or group classes are designed for anyone looking to try or get back into yoga.

I offer in-person and online sessions tailored to your needs.

Our classes incorporate Yoga and Meditation techniques to bring you to a place of calm.

Join us on the mat and feel rejuvenated.

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learn more and start your journey.


“This Is My Time!”

If you’re at a point in life where the kids have grown,

the job is no longer fulfilling,

and you’re yearning for a creative outlet, you’re not alone.

It’s time to shake things up and make your dreams a reality.

As a Mindset Coach and Mentor, I help people take that next step towards their passions.

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