Most days I walk along the beach,⁣ its usually the same beach, ⁣
⁣however, everyday is different.
⁣Some days the tide out ⁣and the waves are flat⁣
⁣Some days the tide is up and ⁣the waves are threatening to ⁣break on me ⁣
⁣Some days it’s hot and sunny ⁣
Some days it’s rainy and cold⁣
⁣Some days there is driftwood ⁣
or stinging jellyfish or ⁣rubbish washed up on the shore. ⁣
⁣Some days there’s lots of people ⁣and lots of footprints ⁣
Some days not so many ⁣
⁣Everyday is different ⁣and in that difference ⁣
that’s where beauty lives, ⁣some days it’s hard to find ⁣
but if you look without indifference ⁣it will certainly be found. ⁣