As I awoke, I was instantly aware of a shift, not just with the seasons but within me

The shifts themselves had been evolving for some time and while I had been aware of the changes, 

the cooler wind that surrounded me was something not to be ignored

I headed to the beach with an intention not to analyse the shifts within but to connect to nature in that moment.

As I gazed at the sand, I noticed many footprints from the previous day. 

A snapshot in time, a moment from the past, 


But this would soon change, when the winds and tides come in to clear what was past

In that moment I understood that it was time to also clear that what had past

The things I had been holding onto That made me feel like I was in control It was time to let go

To take a bold step into the unknown. To trust and surrender to what was yet to be

I looked at the footprints in the sand one last time, 

then turned, shifted my gaze to the horizon and knew that the next stage for me was about to unfold.