Before my feet had touched the sand ⁣
my mind had already let me know ⁣
that it was too cold to walk ⁣
on the beach that day. ⁣
Winter was coming, ⁣
but surely not yet. ⁣
I was determined to hold on ⁣
to those summer feels, ⁣
however, as my feet touched ⁣
the sand I realised that yes, ⁣
a cold shift had happened ⁣
and that those long hot summer days ⁣
had all but gone⁣
I proceeded to walk down ⁣
to the waters edge and with ⁣
every step my feet started ache ⁣
a bit more, letting me know that ⁣
perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea. ⁣
The aches then turned into the ⁣
negative self talk. ⁣
However, it wasn’t to last ⁣
and as I got closer to the waters edge ⁣
to my amazement the sand became ⁣
warmer and with that aches and ⁣
negative self talk disappeared as well ⁣
Moments later, ⁣
I was standing in the ocean ⁣
marvelling at how the water was ⁣
actually warmer than the air temperature ⁣
and that in fact, it had been a good ⁣
choice to walk on the sand that day, ⁣
and to navigate through the negative self talk ⁣
to a positive creative mindset