Most days I walk along the beach,⁣ its usually the same beach, ⁣
⁣however, everyday is different.
⁣Some days the tide out ⁣and the waves are flat⁣
⁣Some days the tide is up and ⁣the waves are threatening to ⁣break on me ⁣
⁣Some days it’s hot and sunny ⁣
Some days it’s rainy and cold⁣
⁣Some days there is driftwood ⁣
or stinging jellyfish or ⁣rubbish washed up on the shore. ⁣
⁣Some days there’s lots of people ⁣and lots of footprints ⁣
Some days not so many ⁣
⁣Everyday is different ⁣and in that difference ⁣
that’s where beauty lives, ⁣some days it’s hard to find ⁣
but if you look without indifference ⁣it will certainly be found. ⁣

Water, Light & Shadows

Daylight is fading as the sun lowers ⁣
across the water ⁣
This is a special time as the light flickers ⁣
and dances through and over ⁣
ripples of movement seeking the shadows ⁣
and once there creates new shapes to explore ⁣
Second by second the scene changes ⁣
and its easy to get drawn into the beauty ⁣
that is unfolding in real time⁣
Then suddenly the climax is reached ⁣
and the dance is done⁣
Or is it? ⁣
Soon it’s realised that daylight has ⁣
been replaced by the stars and moon ⁣
and yes its now their time to dance ⁣
on into the night. ⁣
Seductively the subtle light starts to sway ⁣
and move into the shadows and ripples ⁣
on the water, as the new show now demands ⁣
the same attention as it captivates ⁣
and draws the watcher into the rhythm ⁣
of the dance beneath the stars and moon ⁣

Sun Sets

As I sit and watch the sun set, ⁣
my mind wanders to moments ⁣
that have passed and thoughts ⁣
of things yet to come⁣
I linger here briefly, ⁣
letting those thoughts ⁣
have a moment, ⁣
And as that passes, ⁣
I bring myself ⁣
back to the present, ⁣
to this beautiful unique event ⁣
that soon will be a memory

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